Full-Length Plays:

The Scars of Your Body (2017)

Bad Roommate (2016)

The Party Play (2014)

The Collected Rules of Gifted Camp (2012)

The Prostitute Play (2012)

A Wonderfully Flat Thing (adapted from Mark Twain’s “A Fable,” children’s play; 2010)

A Week at the NJ Shore (2009)

My Book of Storms (2008)

Emily’s World the Play (2006)

The Fighting Frogs vs. Victoria Vanderbilt (2002)


One-Act Plays:

“Nail Polish” (2014)

“You Can’t Control Me” (with Cleverbot AI system, 2013)

“The Economy Sucks” (2012)

Crossing the Cow Field, or An Ode to Inertia” (2010)

“In Line” (2009)

“Plays” (song cycle with John Belkot, composer; 2008)

Rrrrr Argh Blech: A Morning Play” (2007)

A Meditation on The Misanthrope: 10 Years Later” (2007)

“Time and Place” (2007)

“Vegetarianism: An Epic Tragedy” (2006)

“Pigeon Queen” (2005)

“Hazel and the Sun” (2003)

“Sick” (2003)

“Storm Goddess” (2001)