Full-length plays:

The Party Play (2014)

The Collected Rules of Gifted Camp (2012)

A Wonderfully Flat Thing (adapted from Mark Twain’s “A Fable,” children’s play; 2010)

A Week at the NJ Shore (2009)

My Book of Storms (2008)

Emily’s World the Play (2006)

The Fighting Frogs vs. Victoria Vanderbilt (2002)

One-Act Plays:

Crossing the Cow Field, or An Ode to Inertia” (2010)

“Plays” (song cycle with John Belkot, composer; 2008)

Rrrrr Argh Blech: A Morning Play” (2007)

A Meditation on The Misanthrope: 10 Years Later” (2007)

Time and Place” (2007)

“Vegetarianism: An Epic Tragedy” (2006)

“Pigeon Queen” (2005)

Hazel and the Sun” (2003)

Sick” (2003)

“Storm Goddess” (2001)